Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Short Shrift

For as long as I can remember, my son has gotten the short end of the stick. His being born second means there are fewer photographs of him, and a little less awe when he comes home with that Mother's Day present he made himself.

Fortunately, he has never been subjected to hand-me-downs. His older sibling is a sister. Besides, pink just ain't his color!

The latest - in a long succession of disappointments - for him (probably mostly for me) is that due to unforseen circumstances, he has not gotten a birthday party for the past two years. That might not seem like much to you nad me, but this kid has only just turned nine, so it's a BIG deal.

When he was two, his dad was away on business, and I (literally) started a new job on his birthday. The celebration that evening was two candles in a pound cake. Do I still feel guilty about that. You bet.

When he was in pre-school, we invited everyone from his class, along with a slew of kids from our neighborhood.

A total of two other children showed up for his party.

Is it any wonder my heart bleeds for this kid? Yours would, too.

By now, you're asking what's the problem?

It's AD/HD.

Yeah, I know, everyone and their cousin says their kid has it, but unless you've lived with a child who's got it, you can NEVER understand just how devastating it can be. It takes a toll on the parent and child in ways you never imagined; self-esteem, outlook, and confidence to name just a few. I have no doubt that my son's AD/HD is THE reason he's had such little success with friendships.

Does it make things easier knowing that? No.

In three day's time, my son will be having another birthday party. I have invited over 23 kids to join us. To date, six have accepted our invitation.


I can only hope that as he grows my son will be able to hold onto his self-confidence and keep a positive outlook.

Unlike his mother, who's fingernails are bitten to the quick.


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