Sunday, August 13, 2006

Losing More Than Touch

It's 12:28 am, and I just finished watching "The Rock". I've seen it before, but I never realized that a friend of mine was in it. As the credits were rolling, I noticed his name - SAM WHIPPLE.

When his name came up, a flood of memories came to me. You see, we went to college together. He was a skinny/geeky kid, who always smiled. He was someone you knew you could trust. We were part of a group of up and coming talent.We were going to be the next hot actors. Donald Petrie was one of us. He performed with Sam and me in college. My recollection of those times is still strong today.

Unfortunately, I wasn't as committed as Sam was. I never developed that thick skin so vital to survival in Hollywood as an actor. Sam, on the otherhand did. And he did quite well because of it. You probably don't know his name, but you sure as hell know his face. He did commercials, television, and features. The skinny/geeky kid I knew in college turned into a seasoned professional.

We lost touch after college, but I always got a thrill to see him on the screen - both large and small.

So, back to tonight. After seeing his name in the credits for "The Rock", I immediately got online and went straight to IMDB to find out what he's been up to.

There he was. The same face, the same openess in his expression. Only something was horribly different.

Sam was dead.

My friend Sam died in 2002 of colon cancer, and I hadn't heard of it. As I write these words I am crying; for him, for me.

Damn me! Why hadn't I kept in touch with him? I loved him. He was so true, so genuine. I regret not having been a better friend to him.

If there's someone you keep meaning to get back in touch with, but life just keeps getting in your way, PLEASE do it now.

You will never regret it.


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