Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Juggling Act


Every year, just before school starts, I go to Costco (or some other store) and purchase what's known as a "Mom's calendar". These are nifty things that help keep us organized. Duh.

I knew this year was going to be different because my eldest is starting middle school, and my youngest started in a new private school. And, before you say, "Rich snob!", no, I'm not. My son has AD/HD, and processing issues, thus the special school.

Anyway, the first day of school came and went - without a hitch - thank God. When the kids got home they presented me with what seems the thickness of Moby Dick in paperwork, school notices, volunteer sign-ups, and rules and regulations. There were also lots of envelopes looking to be filled with money for family dinner nights, PTSA, and "school contributions".

Egads, I'm drowning! Can one actually drown in paper? Hmmm...I'll need to research that one.

I digress.

So, faced with this ocean of paperwork, I carefully prepared my worksurface; pencils and pens at the ready, that "Mom's calendar" sitting open, and, finally, a glass of H2O at my side. I then dove in.


After just a few minutes I realized I had filled in almost the entire calendar! There was hardly a free space. Between the school activities, parent/teacher conferences, and doctor and dentist visits, there was nary an open day in which to just BE.


My friends - the ones who were wise; got married and bore their offspring at a much younger age than I did - tell me "it only gets worse".

Gee, thanks. I'll remember that for my next life.


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