Friday, August 25, 2006

My $50 Experiment - Part Deux

An agent. I need one.


Knowing that is the easy part.

The hard part is in obtaining one. A GOOD one, that is.

That brings me to "My $50 Experiment - Part Deux", in which I'll be shelling out another (fairly large) sum of money to snail-mail query letters to agencies in the hopes of gaining representation.

It's not exactly as if I hadn't though of doing this before. I have. I just knew (then) that I wasn't ready.

All right. I'm a big enough person to admit it was my WORK that wasn't ready. But, through sheer effort, time, and exhaustive ... oh, cut to the chase already!

I've written, re-written, and RE-re-written enough pieces to the point in which I feel they are finally marketable. Apparantely, so do others, because one of them made the top 10% at Nicholl, and received "consider" status from a coverage company.

I'm good at writing. What I am not good at is marketing - myself, that is. And, therefore, I need a champion; someone to go out there and help me fight the good fight.

I may now have steel balls, but they are not cannonballs!

I hate doing cold calls.

Haaaate it! (Insert Jim Carrey's voice here)

When I get on the phone to market my work (and myself), the "Fight or Flight" syndrome takes over and I automatically begin hyperventilating. What I sound like, I can only imagine, but I know it ain't good. And, in order to be believable and come across as a true professional, you must sound good.

You'd think that 20-odd years of acting experience would be helpful. Right?

Yeah, well, I thought so, too. But, I was wrong.

I know I'll still need to get out and market...well, ME, but I figure it will be somewhat less painful knowing there's someone else out there who's rooting for me, even if it's only to get their 10%.


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