Saturday, September 30, 2006

Just Another Saturday Night...Or, Why I Love L.A. So Much

So it's Saturday evening, and my hubby and I are off to dinner and a movie -- as usual. We hit Daphne's in Culver City and order our food, when my hubby sees a man sitting with his four (gorgeous) children.

The hub turns to me and says, "That guy. Picture him with dreadlocks." I try, but no bells go off, so we go about our business and eat our food. While eating I notice a lot of patrons staring at that man. Still, nothing comes to mind. He does look familiar, but I just can't place him. We eat. People stare, and he's oblivious, having a great time with those beautiful children of his.

So, we finish our meal and get up to leave. I'm halfway out the restaurant before I notice my hub isn't following me. I turn to hear, "Actor, right?"

The man graciously answers my husband's query, "Yes."
Then my hub asks the man's name.
"Mario", he answers.

That's when the bells go off. The man everyone has been staring at is Mario Van Peebles.

We exchange pleasantries. I see he's wearing a Slamdance t-shirt and make the comment I'm a screenwriter, not expecting anything other than the usual, "Oh" comment.

He surprises me by asking my name. I give it. We shake hands. We make a connection, albeit brief.

We leave the restaurant thinking how great it is to live here.



At 11:25 PM, Blogger Frankie C. said...

That kind of thing doesn't happen in Bristol...


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