Monday, September 25, 2006


I have ADD.

It's not something I brag about, it's just there, sort of like having a birthmark. Only you can have a birthmark removed.

Not so ADD. It's always with you; a part of your very being.

Of course, there are medications to treat it. There are innumerable books about it. There are entire websites devoted to the discussion of it.

The one thing that almost everyone can agree upon is that IT is a pain in the ass!

It controls your every waking hour. Don't believe me? Go on and ask any one of the millions of adults that also have this fabulous condition.

Go take a pill.

I've tried that route. It works. I could actually focus for longer periods of time on a single goal.

That was the good part.

The bad part was that I was a walking zombie; no emotions, no creativity. And for someone who calls themself a writer...that's BAD.

And so I do not take meds any longer.

Who else out there has this...shall we say, interference with their life?

How has it effected your life and/or writing?


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Robert Hogan said...

I also have ADD. Anyone who reads my blog can tell I’m all over the place. I’ve learned to control my ADD through organization and discipline though. I write everything down so I don’t forget stuff. I keep several projects going at anyone time, and keep them all around me so when my mind starts to bounce around more usually than not I just end up jumping from one project to another. That way I at least am productive even if it take me forever to get something done.


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