Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Can I hear an "amen"?

The votes are in, but opinions (on both sides of the "we got screwed"/"we got a good deal" argument) are still running hot and heavy and probably will go on for some time.

Since I am not yet a WGA member, I will refrain from giving my opinion. I will simply accept their decision and hope it was the right one for everyone involved.

During the past three months I noticed something I'd never seen in this town before. Solidarity. Writers are a singular bunch, preferring their own company. But the strike forced some of them out of their shells and into the sun (or rain) to be with other writers. It was nice to meet others I've only met on blog sites or at seminars.

The screenwriters I met were intelligent, funny, and very dedicated to their craft. I will miss seeing them on the picket line, but it was lovely to finally be able to put faces together with names I've only heard about.

Whatever happens here on out, I wish all of us [screenwriters] great success in the coming months and years.

May we meet again.


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