Monday, January 07, 2008

So, How's Your Year Starting Out?

Seven days into the New Year, and I'm ready to have it be the last seven days.

Today I got suckered into driving three (majorly) AD/HD boys from my son's school on their field trip to the San Juan Capistrano Mission.

Before I even got to the Mission, I got pulled over on a fucking toll road for speeding. The good news is that the officer saw my predicament and let me off with a stern warning.

The Mission is beautiful and well worth a quick visit. This was the one good part of today.

During lunch, the school group visited a petting zoo, where a miniature horse bit me! My little finger bled and throbbed for over two hours.

Not only was there that nasty little future dog food horsie, there was MUD! Everywhere. Gobs and gobs of the crap for the little monsters children to run around in and smear all over the rugs in my car. You see, we just had a major three-day storm here in Los Angeles, and my son's school refused to postpone the field trip. Aren't they just the nicest?

This little jaunt also cost me money. $30 in gas... $4.25 for that toll road... $24.00 in admission fees... $10.00 at the Mission gift shop (two kids - not my own - hit me up for a "loan"). There's money I'll never see again.

So, as I believe in learning something from every situation, here's what I've learned:

Don't let other's thinking you're a selfish asshole for never volunteering bother you in the least.

As Martha Stewart would put it, "Being an asshole; it's a good thing".


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