Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'd almost forgotten this Japanese saying. It's a good one. Loosely translated, it means... It was a favorite saying of the Japanese-Americans, who were interned in those Japanese "Relocation Camps" during WWII.

My husband's company is firing people left and right. Good people. People who are vital to the company's very survival. Now, we're wondering who's head will be next on the chopping block.


My daughter, a brilliant, but ADD-riddled girl, is failing middle school and couldn't care less.


There are days when rejection as a writer - overt and subtle - are all I encounter -- and are almost too much to bear.


It would be nice if I had something witty to end this blog with...but I don't.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Glutton for Punishment

It's that time of year.

And, like so many other un-paid, un-recognized, un-relenting hopefuls, I am heeding the call to send in one (or more) of my screenplays to one (or more) of the screenwriting competitions out "there", in order to gain that money, recognition, and to further that hope -- just a bit more.

It's either that, or strip naked, wear a sandwich sign, and stroll up and down the street in front of CAA.

On second thought...