Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Make that a Venti(ng) to go!

Three years in a row. Three years placing highly, but not highly enough in several prestigious screenwriting competitions to advance into the finals.

I don't get it. I know it's a crapshoot, but come on! One set of people love the piece, while another finds it passable.

One particular management company told me, "(Name withheld) and I just finished reading your script - its an amazing one and we're both huge fans. You have a way with words that is rarely seen." If this is the case, if I truly have a way with words, then why WHY can't I get beyond where I am?

I know it can't just be a matter of talent. I know people with buckets of talent, and are still struggling the way I am.

If I was twenty years old, this might not bother me as much as it does, but I'm not twenty. Hell, I'm not twice-twenty!

Fiction writers write until either their heart, or their brain gives out. Established fiction writers are revered. Younger writers learn from them. Younger writers look up to them.

Hollywood, on the other hand, is a strange beast in which the tables are turned; the young devour the old. Screenwriters over a "certain age" are almost non-existant. This is a young person's game, or more specifically, a young man's game, since most screenwriters these days seem to be baseball cap-wearing twenty-somethings, who sit in Starbucks sipping twelve-syllable drinks. This is a statement I find both horrifying and fascinating, since most of those young people I've met don't know jack-shit about themselves, much less about life. And yet theirs are the screenplays being bought and made by the studios. They are writing about people my age! WTF?!

If you want stories about --and for -- people my age, then hire someone who is my age!

I am available. Now.

(All operators are standing by)


At 2:22 PM, Blogger Eddie M said...

I just got another "you came close" letter myself. It's a hell of a lot better than a "you have no freaking chance" letter, so I'll keep writing. What else can you do? So long as you still enjoy it.

If you believe your age or gender have something to do with your lack of success, you might consider using a pseudonym. Whether your perception is real or not, use it as a reason to work even harder, and not as a possible excuse for failure.

That said, we ALL know the odds are against us, so here's wishing you some for next year.


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